CD Now Available!

After many years I finally have a CD for sale. Recorded in the Dining Room of my house by my friend Nick Rabson "Ballads" contains some of the many songs that I have learned over the years. Please e-mail me for further details.

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Bloody War, Floods, Earthquakes etc

Great Christmas for some eh?
Make a donation - make a difference.

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Bookings 2005

A quiet start to the year but I'm rapidly filling up the diary. I'm off up to the North West and The Lake District in March on my way to Scotland for The Easter Tour. Then Cornwall in May, possibly Scandinavia in June then back to Scotland for the whole of August. The rest of the year is the usual constant travelling from here to Chipping Sodbury. If you know of anywhere that might be interested in booking me then please pass the contact on to me.

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All Enquiries

Mail -
Tel - 01788 543568
Mob - 0771 9208684

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What Am I Up To?

I'm still touring constantly in the UK and enjoying playing more than ever. I've just started writing songs again after a bit of a dry patch and constantly add new songs that I "discover" to my repertoire.
It's good to have roots and our 17 month old, Casey and 15 week old Samuel are keeping Sue and I busy. I'm still full of good intentions when it comes to recording a cd of original songs although I do now at least have an album of Ballads available. See the music section for details.

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